closed for the season

I think we’ve adopted a 46 year old child. Abigail is still staying with us. What started was her being with us until Tuesday turned into staying through Wednesday with a possible Thursday night stay over as well. K-dice (who in Abby’s mind is supposed to take over on bra installation) was staying an extra... Continue Reading →

the good and the bad

I've decided to steal a fellow blogger's theme of things I liked this week and things I hated. And, if you have a chance, head on over to his site and check out what his were. So, lets start with the things I hated this week: Dentists. Me and dentists have a sorted history of... Continue Reading →

TG and other things

It was a good Thanksgiving and nice to be off for a long 4-day weekend. The oldest and daughter-in-law came into town and we had a great time hanging, going to the Botanical Gardens (despite the constant wall of screaming children which, I was grateful for the beer gotten at the very beginning) and playing... Continue Reading →

field notes, vinyl & drama

Field notes/Vinyl Yes, I’m continuing my blog over here. So, welcome! I started doing posts about the recent vinyl I’ve been collecting. This has been a mini obsession to collect music that in the past has been a favorite or music I’ve recently gotten to like. A friend of mine gave me a field notes... Continue Reading →

the quality of life, continued…..

So, I’ve had this post rolling around inside with new developments that I want to add. It’s kind of a continuation of my earlier post on the quality of life. Francis probably read my other blog posts about doing things with NEW FRIENDS and saw our Facebook posts on having bonfires and texted us last... Continue Reading →

the quality of life

I texted Francis yesterday to let her know that Rooster and Shutter were leaving town for good on the 5th of November. They were having a happy hour down at this bar, Scout, in the neighborhood and after that they were gone. (I didn't mention that they were coming over the next night for a... Continue Reading →

I’m back

I know it's been awhile, again, since I wrote on this blog and I've been thinking of taking it down for awhile since a lot of people seem to read my other blog BUT it's nice to vent once in awhile on this one. This is my own secret corner of the world that I... Continue Reading →


It’s been a minute since I wrote on this blog. Mostly, I’ve been over on the other blog. If you read the other blog you’ll know that I’ve been angry with Benji lately. We left it at she had to go out of town this past week/weekend and we would speak more when she got... Continue Reading →


There has been a lot of drama up in here these days. Normally, there’s drama with Abby, Mildred and Francis. But, Abby is with K-dice and things seem to be going well with them. We met them out for dinner last week and we surprisingly had fun. We ended up taking the party down the... Continue Reading →

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