I thought you’d find this ‘humerus’

So, I’ve been out of circulation lately. I have my first project drop for my class and took a fall and messed up my arm/shoulder. So, pain and suffering have been keeping me busy. I’d like to say something positive about the class but right now it’s a hell of a lot of research. And,... Continue Reading →

Go your own way

I’m constantly looking for mood elevation techniques. Music is one. Setting goals. Finding something to focus on. Several things. It looks like I'm really going to be working on these this weekend. I know folks have been struggling. It’s been kind of a bitch of the first month of the year. Everyone’s hoping things are... Continue Reading →

happy NYE and stay home

So, as I sit here and reflect on 2020 with an early NYE bloody Mary I am remiss that 2021 will be the automatic “reset” that some believe to be true. I honestly don’t believe that it will get any better until after January 20th and we get the vaccines rolling. We’re in kind of... Continue Reading →

NY early resolutions

Do y’all have people that you feel like you have to check in with every single time? Like it always falls on your shoulders to say, Hey, how’s it going? And, sometimes you hear back, sometimes it’s very cryptic like, Fine, you? Or sometimes you just don’t hear anything at all. You assume the worst,... Continue Reading →

food fight

So, recently Charlie and I started a food prep service because we had two couples beg us to do it because A. they had been the recipients of many of our meals, leftovers, etc. and B. they just don’t have the time or want to make the effort (Abby) to learn to cook anything. The... Continue Reading →

pre/post holiday stuff

Pre-holiday TG: I started a post the other day pre-holiday but I got distracted in writing a semi-simple instruction manual for this Kindle I got my father-in-law for Christmas. I’ve been trying to talk him into a Kindle for years now. Finally, I purchased one on Amazon, set it up myself with my own account,... Continue Reading →

the struggle bus

So, I know it’s been awhile since I posted. I did put some photos of our trip up at the other blog in case you’re curious. That’s about all I posted over there. I’m just so over everything going on right now that I didn’t feel like posting anything there. What’s been going on? We... Continue Reading →

hope for the best

So, I took the ugly f-bomb post down. I’m not going to embrace negativity anymore concerning events. I just cannot let it get to me – I have to move on somehow from the situation and take care of myself. All I can do is hope for the best and prepare for the worst. So,... Continue Reading →

one day at a time

We’re just trying to get through the week. Today is me and Charlie’s 6-year wedding anniversary. This day last year we went to Banshee for dinner and then drinks at Mary’s. It seems just like yesterday. Today, it is raining and I’m hoping it stops at some point so we can go have a drink... Continue Reading →


I’ve been reading this lady’s blog and in this particular post she discusses energy. How certain things, people, places either energize or drain us. If you’ve been reading this blog for any amount of time you already know who those people are who drain my ass. Abigail, Francis and a few others. Over Labor Day... Continue Reading →

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